TCCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Tarzana history & nurturing community engagement in a park-like setting.

Monday through Thursday
12:00pm - 5:00pm 

Jungle Telegraph


Virtual Gala 2021

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If you missed the Show of the Year on Saturday, don't panic – it's not too late! You can still watch our terrific Virtual Gala and see our "wonderful" original mini-movie about TCCC, "It's a Wonderful Place"! The reviews have been rolling in, and they're stellar! Purchase your "On Demand" tickets now and watch the show at your convenience. Tickets are still only $35 per household.

To place your order for "On Demand" tickets, simply click on the button above and type in your credit card info. You will receive the video link to watch it shortly thereafter. 

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Virtual Gala 2021

Bob Blumenfield Tarzana Community & Cultural Center

Historic and picturesque, the

Tarzana Community & Cultural Center serves as a one of a kind gathering place run by and for community members, but more importantly, nourishes the soul and identity of the Tarzana community and the entire West Valley.

Bob Blumenfield

Councilmember, 3rd Council District