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Children's Garden Workshops 2023

The Tarzana Community & Cultural Center is offering FREE three-hour gardening workshops again this summer for children ages 4-11. These interdisciplinary workshops teach kids about native plants and how to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables. Kids will also learn about the critters that are essential to maintain a healthy garden, such as earthworms, butterflies, ladybugs, and other tiny creatures. Our workshops involve hands-on garden and science projects as well as art classes where kids learn how to draw and paint plants & flowers. All participants receive a takeaway plant to continue their gardening experiences at home.

Workshops are held on Thursdays from July 13-August 10

Parents may drop off their children or stay and observe if they wish. 

Advance registration is required and can be done by clicking the registration button above.

A snack will be included, along with a story or song break midway through the workshops.

All materials are included. This is a free community event.

Girl Scouts of America

Volunteer educator Miles Lewis explains how composting works to our Children's Garden workshop participants!

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