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What Events Would You Like To See at TCCC?

International Food Festival 

Come on a food tour around the world!

Thai, Vietnamese, Cuban, Israeli, Persian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Australian, Russian, Korean, etc. Other ideas welcome!

iPhone/iPad Basics Class

Do you find yourself befuddled and confused by technology? Come learn the basics and gain confidence in your newfound skills!

Beauty Supplies/Spa Day

Come treat yourself to a Spa Day or replenish your current beauty stash!

Sports Equipment Demos

Come test your current skills and learn new ones! Experts on golf, tennis, weight training, skiing and many others will be on hand!

Personal Life Reboot

Learn how to let go of the feelings, experiences, and trials that are weighing you down. In this interactive environment, let's learn how to move through life with new coping skills and find joy!

Drum Circle

Come release stress and relax into the beat with a local musician!

Puppy Yoga and Adoption Event

Come meet a new furry friend and find your inner calm! 

Speed Dating 

Looking for that special someone? Come meet new people in a low-pressure and fun environment!

Tarzana’s Got Talent Show

Do you have a unique talent that you have yet to share with the world? All are welcome and enouraged to join!


Do you need to focus on more self-care? Join your neighbors for a yoga session where you can hone your practice or learn new skills. Find your inner peace while nourishing your body.

Tai Chi

Looking for a gentle physical fitness class that will exercise your mind and body? Come learn all about meditation in motion and leave class feeling rejuvenated!

Magic Show

Looking to inject a little magic into your life? Join your neighbors for a best-in-class magic show and even learn a few tricks to impress your friends!

Floral Arrangement

Learn the art of arranging and create beautiful centerpieces for your home or next event. At the end of class, you will be able to take home your own creation!

Meditation and Mindfulness

Research shows that meditation and mindfulness can change your brain and your life. Join your neighbors for a guided meditation and talk with a local expert to expand your meditation and mindfulness'll leave class feeling refreshed and armed with techniques that reduce stress and increase happiness.

Improv Class

Do you enjoy or want to learn how to think on your feet? Learn improvisational comedy in a fun and safe environment!

Fashion Styling

Are you a fashionista but want to learn how to refine and hone your personal style? Come join a local expert and learn how to create a capsule wardrobe and put your personal stamp on style!

Murder Mystery Dinner

Do you enjoy interactive experiences? Join us for an evening of murder and mystery, solve a crime, and enjoy a delicious meal with old friends and new!

Slowing Aging Naturally

Can aging be slowed or even reversed? Come learn about adding years to your life and learn skills that increase longevity and life satisfaction. 

Cozy Murder Mystery Book Forum

Do you enjoy crochet or knitting? How about reading murder mysteries? Come join a panel of authors and learn more all about your favorite books or new ones!

Spiritual Healing 

Learn how to harness energy to help with any physical, emotional, or mental blocks that may be impacting your life. 

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