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#CaliforniansForAll Volunteer Opportunities Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

Governor Gavin Newsom recently said, "It's in these times of crisis that Californians are at their best, coming together to the aid of those in their community who are most in need." Californians across the state are stepping up to meet this moment, and #CaliforniansForAll are asking for your help. Inspire others to join #CaliforniansForAll by sharing this video narrated by Peter Coyote.

#CaliforniasForAll are partnering with state agencies, local governments, and nonprofits throughout the state who have critical volunteer needs. If you sign up as a volunteer, they will pass your information to their local partners as they identify high priority volunteer opportunities near you, and will contact you about opportunities to serve.

Here are a few ideas on how you can make a difference today: 

Idea #1:

Print and share this flyer in your community to encourage everyone to join #CaliforniansForAll.

Idea #2:

Check in with a neighbor via phone, text, or video chat. Be sure to share on social media and tag us @CaliforniaVolunteers!

Idea #3:

Challenge 3 friends or family members to join #CaliforniansForAll to help unite our communities in service. 

For more ways every Californian can make a difference during these difficult times, visit CaliforniansForAll.CA.GOV.

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