Running from the week of  June 17-August 14 (excluding 4th of July week)
Fee: $160 per student per eight-week session
Call us at 818-705-1286 to enroll.

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Chess Class

Taught by American Chess Academy

American Chess Academy has been revolutionizing the way chess is taught for more than 20 years. Their method is designed to help children win at chess games as well as in their lives. Led by coaches with impeccable career records, ACA students have competed in state, national and international tournaments. You can view their website at This class is for students at any level.

Watercolor Workshop

Taught by Linda Wehrli

Ever wondered how to create beautiful masterpieces from watercolors? The most brilliant quality of watercolors is transparency, and in this workshop campers will learn how to use it in their watercolor painting. Students will learn how to use a palette, mix beautiful colors, and how to use a brush to create different brushtroke techniques. Instructor Linda Wehrli has been an art teacher for more than thirty years and also teaches at the Summer Art Academy.

Intro to Electronics

Taught by Computerwisekids

The real world and the Minecraft world meet in this one-of-a-kind summer camp experience. Campers will be faced with a series of challenges in Minecraft Raspberry Pi edition that will require them to build real circuits to solve. They will travel from planet to planet in the Minecraft world, while learning about electrical engineering. Campers will also:

1. Learn bread boarding to create circuits

2. Work with buttons, switches, wires, and LED

3. Think critically and collaborate to solve problems

4. Use blocky code to program their circuits

Computerwisekids is a leader in STEM instruction for elementary-school age children. Visit their website at

Vocal Technique

Taught by Kyla Page Williams

Calling all singers! Kyla Page Williams is a classically-trained singer with a B.A. from Westminster Choir College, and has been teaching music in L.A. for 12 years. She lends her voice to all genres and loves helping her students find their authentic voice. Students will work on not only vocal technique but rhythm, beginner music theory, and ear training. Your little songbirds will leave class each week singing all the way home!