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TCCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Tarzana history & nurturing community engagement in a park-like setting.

Monday through Thursday
12:00pm -5:00pm

and by appointment 


Jungle Telegraph

June 11: American Bandstand
Tribute Concert

American Banstand 60s show web.jpg

In the early 60s after Elvis, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry ushered in Rock ’n’ Roll, and before The Beatles brought the British Invasion to American shores, it was an innocent time in the United States. Teenagers were universally tuned in to American Bandstand to see kids dancing to the hits of their favorite teen idols.

Singers like Connie Francis, Frankie Avalon, Lesley Gore, Paul Anka, and many others sang songs about their dreams of everlasting love and tales of unrequited love, all to the beat of the latest dance crazes.

Join us as Jay Asher leads a group of talented singers and musicians – headlined by the stars of the New Gidget TV series, Caryn “Gidget” Richman and Dean “Moondoggie” Butler – for a stroll back to that wonderful era with a bunch of those great classic songs.

Admission is just $20 per person.  Click on the buttons below to reserve your spot today!

June 2: Tarzana Music Night: Live!


Join us for another spectacular Tarzana Music Night: Live! on Friday,

June 2. Our performers include: Bradley Bobbs, Claire Bloom, Ken Holme, Kevin Kelso, Kathleen Kelso, Craig Lincoln, Matt Bunsen, Ric Taylor, Jimi Yamagishi, McGrane & Wallace, Nueva Visions Music School, Scott Detweiler, Keith Plutchok and others.

Our Special Guest is


who will perform a 20-minute set at 8 pm. 

Purchase tickets in advance by clicking on the buttons below. This show will be outdoors; snacks and beverages available for purchase. 

July & August: Children's Garden Workshops


May 28: Free Native Milkweed Giveaways

Milkweed Giveaway Flyer1024_1.jpg

SAMO Fund is excited to announce that they will be giving away thousands of Narrowleaf Milkweed plants this spring and summer, perfect for supporting local Monarch Butterfly populations! Thanks to a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Fund, they will visit various spots in L.A. and Ventura Counties over the next few months, handing out five milkweed plants per registered household. TCCC is one of the select locations where they will be doing this.

Be sure to
REGISTER for this event by clicking on the button. The only way to guarantee a few plants for yourself is by registering!

Please pass the word to a friend, neighbor or anyone looking to support local pollinators. Thanks in advance for helping to restore Southern California, one local milkweed at a time!

Bob Blumenfield Tarzana Community & Cultural Center

Historic and picturesque, the 
Tarzana Community & Cultural Center serves as a one of a kind gathering place run by and for community members, but more importantly, nourishes the soul and identity of the Tarzana community and the entire West Valley.

Bob Blumenfield

Councilmember, 3rd Council District

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